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Safety Boat registrations – Cheetah leads the charge!

With race boat registrations well under way it now gives us time to concentrate on our safety fleet for the coming years racing.

We are extremely lucky to have one of the most impressive platforms to spearhead this launch with Peter Unwin registering his red Hunton, Cheetah in support.

Peter’s incredible engineering knowledge and ability means he is a wonderful character to have around our racing on top of the help he and Carolyn are offering with Safety and Start boat duties. We respectfully suggest you racers buy them a beer when you see them next!

Safety fleets in the past have often been little recognised for the important role they play within safe racing taking place and that will change with UKOPRA.

If you are willing and able to support our offshore racing please take the time to register and you will be included on our database for communication but also fully recognised alongside the race boats on the website.

Registering is not a commitment to attend every event so do not worry on that front.

Additionally register yourself as a safety boat skipper and you may well be surprised at some of the benefits.

We need you!

Safety Boat Registration

Official Registration


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