Poole Bay 100 – Entrants

Class Alpha Bravo (UIM equivalent Classes 3A & 3B)

Licence To Thrill

Boat Number: 25

Crew:  Lee Ornsby and Ross Mcgreggor/Adam Wallis

Hull: Phantom 19 || Engine: Mercury || HP 115


Boat Number: A22

Crew: Dave Sheldon and Chris Bailey

Hull: Phantom 19G || Engine: Mercury || HP 115

Motorvated Racing

Boat Number: A26

Crew: Jack Bobin and Barry Culver

Hull: Phantom 19G || Engine: Mercury || HP 115

Pro-Rig Marine

Boat Number: A66

Crew: Malcolm Dopson and Stacey Dopson

Hull: Phantom 19′ || Engine: Mercury || HP 115

Ananab Racing

Boat Number: 1-77

Crew: Graham Reeder and Martin Foster

Hull: Ocke Mannerfelt B-23 || Engine: Mercury || HP 200

Fat Boy

Boat Number: X96

Crew: Mark Childs and Andrew Childs

Hull: Cougar 27′ || Engine: Evinrude || HP 300


Boat Number: 153

Crew: Neil White and Daniel Higgins

Hull: Boss 21′ || Engine: Mercury || HP 250


Team Draper Tools Racing


Boat Number: 922

Crew: Nick Newsam and Jeremy Newsam

Hull: Mikeal Frode 25′ || Engine: Mercury || HP 280

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