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Open Water Offshore Powerboat Racing in the UK

For those that could not attend the London Boat Show meeting last Saturday.

The present situation is that the BPRC, IPRC and Moto2017 have all agreed to recognise UKOPRA as the governing authority for open water offshore Powerboat racing in the UK.

This means that for both Marathon and Class 3, UKOPRA will be producing the universal rule book to be applied to the 3 events hosting the British National Class 3 Championship and the World Marathon Championship.

Obviously you will need sight of that rule book before registering your boat in class or applying for your licence.

We expect that rule book to be ratified by UKOPRA and the event organisers within the next two weeks and as soon as it is 2018 boat registration and licence applications will be made available.

In the meantime any team wishing to register interest can email and you will be kept fully up to speed as this all develops.

As an aside UKOPRA and OCRDA have formally agreed that OCRDA will be recognised as the authority for offshore circuit racing within the UK and whilst autonomous they will be working alongside each other for the coming season.

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