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Wood Power heads up Poole Officials

Simon Wood Power raced Offshore from 1978 until his retirement from competition a couple of years ago.

In that time he raced in virtually every class, in all kinds of boats, from a Phantom 16’ to a 38’ CUV.

Wood Power also had experience ‘on the other side of the fence’ serving as Chairman of the Offshore Racing Committee on two occasions.

Wood Power won the Harmsworth Trophy in 2011

Last September, Wood Power took on another role, that as Senior Scruitineer at the Poole Bay 100 race.

The race paved the way for this year’s Offshore Racing in Britain. For the first of the 3 events to be held in 2018, the Fortitudo Property Poole Bay 100, Wood Power will be the Officer of the Day.

Wood Power commented today:

It’s a real pleasure to be officiating at the first UKOPRA sanctioned event of the season.
I’m working on the courses for Class 3 and Marathon boats and the organiser, Moto 2017 ltd will be publishing that information within the next month.
I’m also investigating various tracking systems to fit on the boats, to ensure we have the very best safety net in place and the most cost-effective solution.

Top photo: Colin Le Conte

Harmsworth Photo: Chris Davies

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