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Are you ready for 2019?

We have now published Advance notices for our 2019 World and National championships.

Advance Notice

Index Award

Along with the individual class championships, we have been working hard on a format of indexing for the classes that measure an individual teams performance regardless of class of boat utilised.

The aim is that the whole fleet is now in direct measured competition with each other.

The licencing module for the year is now open at

Licence fees remain at £100 and there is now the ability for officials and safety skippers to licence as well for the cost of £25.

This is not a mandatory requirement for officials but a licence includes full voting membership of the association and brings those individuals taking it up under the umbrella of the UKOPRA race fleet with both a voice and part of our training program.

Don’t worry if you consider you are not qualified to be licenced for a particular role as we will address this during the year.

There are no major alterations to the rule book and the minor mistypes that we are aware of will be addressed over the coming week to give a final version for the year.

In the coming days ,we will add the ability to join the association outside of the race fleet for those that wish to either simply support the association or join within the non-competitive events that are being planned.

Finally please excuse the shameless addition of a shot of a boat passing peacefully through the 80m wide Gouliot Passage in Guernsey. Are you all ready for this?

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