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UKOPRA British Offshore 1 

A69 –   Fortitudo Cougar
Crew – Richard Carr, Mark Pascoe and James Sinclair

B69 –   Warpath
Crew – Glenn Chidzoy, Ole Finholt and Gordon Compton

Class 3A / B

A22 –    Multispark Race Products
Crew –  Dave Sheldon and Chris Bailey

A26 –    Motorvated Racing
Crew –  Malcolm Dopson and Barry Culver

A27 –   Aquarius Crew – Vincent Berridge and Dommo Lewis

A192 – Don’t Know
Crew – Peter Clarke and Malachey Browne

B89 – Bad Habit Crew – David and Ellen Boakes

Class 3X

X51 – Jupiter
Crew – Dennis Clemson and Nick Crouch

Class 3N

N1 Motorvated Canvey Division Crew – Paul Buckner and Stuart Unwin

N10 –    Beaver Returns
Crew – Thomas and Brian Pelham

N31 –    Warlord
Crew – Stewart Eyre and Lawrence Philp