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SPEED Weekend

COPC invite licence holders both new and old to take part in UKOPRA measured mile performance records.

100 plus years have passed since Dorothy Levitt was requested aboard the Royal Yacht at Cowes to discuss the performance of her Napier and the likelihood of her winning the championship of the seas.

Not too long after Miss England 1 launched for the first time at British Powerboat Company in Hythe and the Segrave years of record breaking started in earnest.

Miss England 2 followed soon after from Saunders Rowe yard in Cowes

In these early days, before hydroplanes came to the fore, water speed records were set during a race at sea and both classic and new generation offshore boats now return to their Solent home for this years speed records and trials event.

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To Enter Online:

Online Entry Form


Yarmouth Harbour

Full details of berthing and launching arrangements will be made available once intended entries are defined.

The Course

The course will be located East of Yarmouth Pier.

The course will be a laid course of Marker Buoys and Mark Boats consisting of a Start and Finish point at each end with Half Mile run in to a measured Statute Mile.

Timing will be effected at the Statute Mile markers which will be monitored for drift and adjustment made to times accordingly.

Speed recorded will be a calculated average of a two way run with the return made immediately and within a maximum of 15 minutes.


The record or performance certificate is awarded to the two controlling crew on the entry form.

Teams wishing to utilise the same equipment with alternative crews will need to create a separate entry for that purpose.

A performance certificate for the vessel itself will be available by separate arrangement with UKOPRA

Entry Fee

Entry to the event for individuals is £100 to include a singular run with further runs if time allows at £10 over the event.

Entry to the event for corporate bodies is by special application to UKOPRA. Please email


Any boat capable of sea journey will be eligible to record a time and receive a UKOPRA performance certificate.

For National Class records the boat must meet class rules but does not have to have competed to date.

For World Records the boat must meet class rules and the individuals aboard to have placed a podium position in a World Championship race.

All boats must be registered with UKOPRA either as race or safety vessels.

Class 4 boats will require to meet Class 3 standards but their speed limitations removed.

Equipment and Scrutineering

All class records must be undertaken with their boat in the exact form that it will race as per class rules.

Other vessels presented for entry must either meet the minimum requirements of it’s respective UKOPRA Class or alternatively be a coded vessel.

Personal safety equipment is to be as approved to race with no exceptions.


All entries in a time record must carry a minimum of two UKOPRA licenced individuals.

Passenger permits will be by special arrangement.

Minimum age of participants in control of a craft is 18.

Validated cadet members of UKOPRA affiliated clubs can apply for and receive a UKOPRA licence having passed their on site training. Licenced cadet members can then run in a craft undertaking performance records with the proviso that their parent or guardian is in control of the vessel.

Cadet members will also be able to undertake their own run subject to presentation of a suitable craft for the purposes and acceptance by the organiser.

Briefing Instructions

Full briefing instructions will be issued at the event at sign on and all participants will be required to attend briefings before entering a run.

Awards and certificates

Every effort will be made to issue certificates on the day of the run with a special issue medallion commemorating the 2019 event.

Final awards will be made at the UKOPRA awards event at Royal Southern Yacht Club on the 30th November 2019. Details will be issued soon for tickets to the function.

Event Officials

  • OOD: Kerry Bobin
  • Safety Officer: Danielle Strawford-Jones
  • Event Secretary: Nicky Sales
  • On Water Release Boat: Danielle Strawford-Jones
  • Timekeepers: Steve Willis, Mary Bobin, Niki White
  • Run Co-coordinators: Paul Crabb, Sarah Crabb
  • Official Photographer: Malc Attrill
  • Medical officials: Exile Medics
  • Awards: Co-coordinator: Barry Sales
  • Land Marshall: To be appointed by COPC
  • Chief Scrutineer: Geoff Purves